Pressure Sensor

PDIS01 Pressure Gauge Battery Power Supply


PDIS01 Pressure Gauge Battery Power Supply

The robust stainless stell case and the battery power enable a flexible operation in va-rious applications and industries.

For a quick on-site reading of pressure value, a digital indi-cator is the ideal solution. The back lighting also provides easy readability of the display in poor lighting conditions. Additional programming functions are: Power-Off, tare function and password protection. There is unit switching between the units bar and MPa already integra-ted into the standart model PDIS01.


■ Highlights

  • Accuracy : 0.4% FS
  • Battery Operations : 2xAAA Cells
  • Screen : LCD Display
  • Size : Ø80mm, Ø100mm


  • Machine Building
  • Hydraulics, water and pneumatics
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Service tasks
  • Laboratory
  • Engineering machine Automation
  • Instrument fitting
  • All industries

■ Measuring Ranges

  • 0-1 … 6 … 10 … 16 … 100 … 250 … 400 … 600 … 1000 Bar
  • 0-5 … 10 … 25 … 40 … 60 … 100kPa
  • -0.1—0.1 … 0.25 … 0.6 … 1 MPa
  • -60 … -25 … -10—10 … 25 … 60kPa

Technical Parameters

Pressure Overload


Backlight Color



Ø80mm, Ø100mm


0.2%FS 0.4% FS

Long Term Stability

Typical: ±0.2% FS / Year

Operation Temperature

-10 … 70 °C ( Special Custom –20 … 150 °C )

Compeansation Temperature

0 … 70 °C

Media Compatibility

Liquids and Gases compatible with 316SS

Thread Type

M20*1.5 or Customized

Sensor Wetted Parts


Body Material

Stainless Steel


On / Off—Backlight—Password Protection

Reset Unit Calibration

Power Supply

2xAAA Battery Powered

PTIS01 Pressure Transmitter


Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitter is a common sensor in industrial. Widely used in automatic cont-rol program like Water resources and hydropower, railway, building automation, aerospace, military project, petrochemical, electronic, marine etc.

Pressure transmitter is used to mea-sure the gas, steam’s level , density, and press. Then transform it into 4-20mA DC signal connecting to PC, control instrument, and etc.

Product Description

This pressure transmitter is kind of device based on pressure layer, which inside expert integrate circuit can transform sen-sor milli-volt signal to standard far distan-ce transmission current signal, and it can be directly joined with computer joint clip, control instrument, aptitude instrument or PLC etc. conveniently. The series’ product is applied extensively in the professions, such as the industry process control, pet-roleum, chemical engineering and metal-lurgy etc. Carry the distance delivers and can adopt electric current exportation method.

Product Advantage

  • The physical volume small, the weight is ligh;
  • Work in the causticity environment;
  • That product installs the convenience simple and direct;
  • The whole stainless steel seals completely the structure, have the very high anti- to flap to pound at the function with anti.


  • Fully welded pressure measuring cell with
  • Diaphragm : AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Accuracy, Terminal Based : 0.5%
  • Temperature at Zero Point : ±0.03 %FS/°C
  • Measuring Range : -1…0-2…1000 Bar
  • Ingress protection : up to IP65

Technical Parameters



Pressure Type

Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure, Sealing Pressure

Power Supply

12VDC, 24VDC, 12-36VDC

Signal Output







Zero Drift

±0.03 % FS


±0.5 % FS, 0.3 % FS Optional

Thermal Sensitivity Drift

±0.03 % FS

Long Term Stability

≤ 0.2 % FS One Year

Frequency Response(-3dB)


Ingress Protection


Process Connection

G1/4, G1/2,



Measure Medium

Gas, Water, Oil etc. (non-explosion-proof area)

Electrical Connections

DIN Connector Type,

M12 Connector,

Cable Connector Type

Time Response



Min, 400g (Depending on model)