FLEM Electromagnetic Flowmeter

CeYeKo Compact Electromagnetic Flowmeters

CeYeKo FLEM series of electromagnetic flowmeter was developed on long-cultivated technology for flow measure. FLEM family has extended its application range with such model as integrated and remote. Through constant development and improvements, FLEM series electromagnetic flowmeter has become more accurate and reliable and widely used in the industrial instrumental field. 


Magnetic flowmeters operate under the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction to measure liquid velocity. Following Faraday’s Law, magnetic flowmeters measure the velocity of conductive liquids in pipes, such as water, acids, caustic, and slurries. In order of usage, magnetic flowmeter use in water/wastewater industry, chemical, food and beverage, power, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical application.

CeYeKo Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeters

We provides wide range of electromagnetic flowmeters, all fulfilling the highest demands in terms of accuracy and reliability in industries such as water and waste water, food and beverage, mining, pulp and paper. Electromagnetic flow meter is only applicable to measure the flow of conductive liquid. The fresh supply of equipment is in factory setting condition, and only when manufacturers set the appropriate parameters, can it work well.


Electromagnetic flowmeter is only applicable to measure the flow of conductive liquid, which is wide used in water supply, sewage water measuring, industry chemical measuring etc. The remote type is with high IP protection class and can be installed in different locations for the transmitter and converter. Output signal can pulse, 4-20mA or with RS485 communication.