FLEM Electromagnetic Remote Flowmeter

FLEM Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter

CeYeKo Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Electromagnetic flowmeter is only applicable to measure the flow of conductive liquid, which is wide used in water supply, sewage water measuring, industry chemical measuring etc. The remote type is with high IP protection class and can be installed in different locations for the transmitter and converter. Output signal can Pulse, 4-20mA or with RS485 communication.


CeYeKo FLEM Remote Type electromagnetic flowmeter is applicable for all conductive liquids, such as water, acids, alkalis, slurries and many others. Typical applications are monitoring accurate measurements in liquid, metering and custody transfer. It can display both instantaneous and cumulative flow, and supports analog output, communication output and relay control functions.

Product Specification

Product Electromagnetic Flowmeter
 Model FLEM Remote
 Diameter Nominal DN10~DN1000
 Nominal Pressure 0.6~4.0MPa
 Accuracy ±0.5%,±2mm/s (flowrate<1m/s)
 Liner material PFA,F46,Neoprene,PTFE,FEP
 Electrode material Stainless steel SUS316, Hastelloy C, Titanium,
  Tantalum Platinum-iridium
 Medium Temperature Integral type: -10℃~120℃
  Split type: -25℃~120℃
 Power supply 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
 Ambient Temperature -10℃~60℃
 Electrical conductivity Water 20μS/cm other medium 5μS/cm
 Structure type Tegral type, split type
 Ingress protection IP68
 Product Standard JB/T 9248-1999 Electormagnetic Flowmeter


Electromagnetic flowmeters have been used throughout industries for more than 60 years. These meters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as: Domestic water, industrial water, raw water, ground water, urban sewage, industrial wastewater, the processed neutral pulp, pulp slurry, etc…

Select Lining

Lining materialMain PerformanceApplications
Teflon1. The most steady material in plastics which is resistibal to boiling hydrochloric acid, vitriol and aqua fortis as well as strong alkali and organic impregnates.        
2. Not be perfect in abrasion resistance.
Strong corrosive mediums such 
as strong acid and alkali
PFAHaving the same abrasion resistance with PTFE.
Having strong ability of load pressure resistance.
Applicable in state of load pressure
F461. Have the same abrasion resistance with PTFE.
2. Resistable for low abrasion.
3. Having strong resistance to load pressure.
The same as PTFE.2.Applicable 
in mediums of low abrasion.
 Neoprene1. Be of good elasticity,retractility and abrasion resistance.
2. Be resistant to low aicd, alkali and salt but not for oxidation mediums.
Water, sewage and slurry, mineral 
serosity of low abrasion.
Polyurethane1. Be of good abrasion resistibility.
2. Not be perfect in acid/alkali resisitance.
3. Can’t be used for water mixed with organic impregnants.
Applicable in mineral serosity, slurry and coal slurry of high abrasion


Select Electrode

Electrode materialApplications
Stainless Steel SUS316Applicable in water, sewage and corrosive mediums. Widely used in industries of petrol,
chemistry, carbamide, etc…
Stainless Steel Covered with Tungsten CarbideApplicable in mediums of no corrosive and low abrasion.
  Hastelloy B(HB)Having strong resistance to hydrochloric acid of any consistance which is below bioling 
piont. Also resistable against vitriol, phosphate, hydrofluoric acid, organic acid etc which 
are oxidable  acid, alkali and non-oxidable salt.
Hastelloy C(HC)Be resistant to oxidable acid such as nitric acid, mixed acid as well as oxidable salt such as
 Fe+++, Cu++ and sea water
TitaniumApplicable in seawater and kinds of chloride, hypochlorite salt, oxidable acid (including
fuming  nitric acid), organic acid, alkali etc. Not resistant to a pure reducing acid (such as 
sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid) corrosion. But if acid contains antioxidant (such as 
Fe+++, Cu++) is greatly  reduce corrosion.
DaIn addition to hydrofluoric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, alkali remaining outside chemicals, 
including boiling hydrochloric acid
Platinum-iridiumAlmost be applicable in all chemical mediums except for aqua fortis, ammonium salt.

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