FLEM Electromagnetic Flowmeter Installation

FLEM Electromagnetic Flowmeter Installation


Straight Pipe Length Requirements

Standard installation 

Installation whose valve is the downstream of sensor.

Installation whose valve is the upstream of sensor.

Recommended Mounting Position

Installation that the sensor is below the pipes.

Electromagnetic flowmeters can not be installed on the suction side of the pump to prevent the negative pressure produced by vacuum.

Installation that downstream of the sensor has the back pressure.

Installation that downstream of the sensor has the back pressure.

The connection which is easy to clean pipe.

Situation where the pipe needs to be cleaned and the fluid conduit cannot stop, you must install a bypass pipe to be able to continue running during cleaning system.

Product Wiring Method


When flowmeters are placed too close to pumps, valves, elbows and other obstructions, unstable or irregular flow can impact performance. Before selecting a meter, check the specific pipe run requirements from the meter to a stable flow profile.

L,N:   220 V AC power supply

IOUT,ICOM:  4-20mA output connection

POUT,PCOM: Pulse/Frequency/Alarm output interface

485A,485B: 485 serial communication interface

CCOM:  485 serial communication ground

image.png:   Converter instrument grounding protection