LUZP Ultrasonic Level Sensor

LUZP Ultrasonic Level Sensor

CeYeKo Ultrasonic Level Sensor

CeYeKo LUZP series ultrasonic level sensors have the features:

  • 0 … 15 m range
  • High accuracy
  • Small blind zone
LUZP Ultrasonic Level Transmitter


  • Non-contact, maintenance-free measurement
  • Measurement unaffected by media properties (like dc value or density)
  • Calibration without filling or discharging
  • Unbeatable price performance
  • Intelligent regulator
Measure range5m, 10m, 15m
 Blind zone<0.4-0.6m(different for range)
 Output (optional)4~20mA RL>600Ω(standard)
 2 relays (AC: 5A 250V DC: 10A 24V)
 MaterialABS, PP
 Electrical interfaceM20X1.5
 Power supply12-24VDC, 18-28VDC (two Wire), 220VAC
 Power consumption<1.5W
 Protection degreeIP65(others optional)

LUZP Ultrasonic Level Sensor Datasheet

LUZP Ultrasonic Level Sensor Manual